DevOps from AWS in 2022

I think another big thing that we gonna see in 2022 and 2023 is that Amazon and specifically AWS will try to monopolize all Devops consultant industry and they are going to provide you services not only for compute instances and configuration and set up of your account. Additionally they’re going to try to create more and more training certification programs for all these developers which essentially targets like scarcity and identity of attribution that belong to this large community network of highly qualified engineering forces. However underneath what I think is going on, they have a global vision of running a full cycle of DevOps consulting. So if you are a small startup or series A startup, you’re not going to hire DevOps engineers because essentially what a AWS leadership wants to create is to turn the devops team into a commodity. Whenever you just create the AWS account with venture capital money, you’re going to pay not only for compute instances but for configuration and provisioning infrastructure using AWS engineers or AWS consultancy DevOps engineers. This is the ultimate goal. So they want to control the full cycle. There is no disconnect in economy and reasoning for this opportunity. And any company of that same size would have done the same. But you need to be prepared and understand what is how this global monetization of AWS Compute is going to impact software engineering, industry and development cycle of many small companies and what is going to be impacted for all the existing vendors or certain companies that are currently working in the same space.

Yet another thing what I think is going to happen with DevOps in AWS cloud is that currently they train a bunch of professionals, specifically work on some abstraction level of AWS, and they obscure a lot of technical nuances, and they create a tradeoff that by hiding the technical nuances, they can have a huge army of less experienced engineers working in the cloud with some level of high efficiency and productivity. However once the problem hits a certain level, it essentially has an abstraction leak because those engineers no longer can help you with any solution. However, AWS leaders want to specifically target this type of problem, so they don’t care about small companies that can use this one size fits all solution. But they are highly interested to have in the value loop of consultancy and providing competence for large scale companies such as Netflix and selling them not only compute services, but also consulting how to run the service and apps on these servers. And you can think about this from another perspective. This is clear monopolization of technology. So this tech monopoly creates a huge cluster of centralization and an inclination for specific approaches for general problems, which generally engineers don’t like.




Eventually consistent and eventually practical ML engineering

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Eventually consistent and eventually practical ML engineering

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